I went back to my folders and found those from last year, only a few inked but there is 20+ pages planned already so I put some of the inked panels together out of boredom. I wasn’t happy on how it stopped so they’ve stayed in my folders since then(I think you can tell the originals are pretty big pictures). Perhaps one day I will revise it and finish it, or perhaps restart from scratch.

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This has been sitting in my folders unfinished for a few days oops.

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Tumblr photo made it abnormally big so I’m posting it as a text. This was for my main blog only but I decided to share it. The borders accidentally became pixel-ish when I made it smaller though, oh well.

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I felt like making some AU doodles. I really wanted male Dahlia to look like a exaggerated character that came right out of a shoujo manga.

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Redesigning Gumshoe was hard, I_tried.png

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